At Botsford Academy, we believe in age appropriate learning. Our daily programming has been designed to challenge and stimulate each child’s level of development. We provide structured and consistent routines that offer a sense of security, and a sense of self-worth.The curriculum is organized into six areas of learning:

1. Personal, social and emotional development
2. Communication, language and literacy
3. Mathematical development
4. Knowledge and understanding of the world
5. Physical development
6. Creative development

A big part of our program is music and art. Responding to music comes naturally to young children. Babies mimic our speech pattern when we sing or talk to them. Music helps facilitate learning, movement and communication for toddlers.

Our curriculum is enhanced with world-renowned Montessori educational approach. This freedom of choice to learn is provided in a prepared environment which is stimulating and interesting to the children. This environment allows a child to satisfy his/her curiosity in his surroundings.

All materials are very inviting and the child finds learning enjoyable from an early age. Children with a Montessori background are well prepared, and confident to face the ever-changing and challenging world around them.


  • Music
  • Computers
  • French
  • Yoga
We respect the confidential nature of information obtained about children and their families and treat it in a responsible manner   


  • Infant Program
  • Toddler Program
  • Preschool Program
  • JK, SK Program
  • Before and After School Program

Settling in at Botsford Academy:

It can be very unnerving for a parent to get used to leaving their child at a nursery for the first time.  We try to make the transition as easy as possible for both you and your child and we will work with you until your child is happily settled.

Once we receive your application form, and can confirm a place and a starting date, we will ask you to arrange 3 one hour visits to the school with your baby or child before the first day. Babies have an extra form to cover details about your chosen formula milk and list which foods have been successfully introduced into their diet.

You can be absolutely sure that our staff will not let your child be upset for long periods without contacting you by telephone to discuss the situation. It is very common for a child to cry when you leave and be happily playing within 2 to 3 minutes. It is simply that they find the first few moments of separation from you difficult until you are out of sight.

As long as we work closely together the settling period will not take long. Remember that this is YOUR child and you're welcome to phone as often as you like - or to ask as many questions as you need to - until you're confident that your child is settled and happy.


Thank you very much for the beautiful school you have created and allowed our family to be a part of it. We are so impressed every day with the teachers, the programs and the incredible field trips Ava and Livia go on. We are so excited for them."

Rob and Kelly

“We want to take this opportunity to thank you and let you know how much we appreciate the high standards you set and the quality of care you provide. You have created a warm, secure and happy “second home” for the children to grow up in and Kayla has been very happy there.”

Jordan and Sandra Gladden

“ We love bringing our children to such a caring and nurturing environment. Thank you for making it easier on our family each day."

The Berman Family