welcome to botsford academy

Our mission is to create a warm and loving environment in which each child will feel loved and have the opportunity to develop his or her own unique gifts.

Our Philosophy:

  • Providing a safe, happy, relaxed environment for children, which fosters good feelings and positive self-image
  • Play is a fundamental component of the social, emotional, and educational development of a child
  • Instilling a strong sense of community and fostering a true love for learning     
  • Positive learning can not occur without the trust of a child
  • Each child has a right to be accepted and appreciated for his/her own differences, as well as similarities to others
  • We acknowledge that parents are our greatest resource and that children see role models in their parents
  • We will share with parents our knowledge and understanding of their child’s learning and developmental progress
We respect the confidential nature of information obtained about children and their families and treat it in a responsible manner   


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you and your children to Botsford Academy; a place where children can grow. At Botsford Academy, we will pave the road to your children’s futures by developing skills that are essential to building relationships with people, learning to understand themselves, and discovering their creative minds. With a dedicated, highly qualified, and exceptionally experienced team of teachers, the Botsford Academy is a place where parents will feel confident that their children’s best interests are met, and that they will be taken care of in a warm environment allowing them to become successful individuals.

To read our Parent Handbook and Program Statement CLICK HERE